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Levelling Up: TechForce Consultant Spotlight on Raymond Fung

In today's highly competitive professional landscape, career development and enhancement are challenging to achieve. Among our exceptional consultants who leveled up is Raymond Fung, a seasoned Technical Project Manager with almost two decades of technical and leadership experience at renowned companies like Dell, Lenovo PCCW Solutions, and AS Watson.

A profile picture of Raymond Fung, TechForce Consultant
Raymond Fung, TechForce Consultant

Prior to joining TechForce, Raymond was a Project Director at Dell overseeing the HR Management Information Systems. He was tasked with transforming multiple legacy systems into an integrated application adopting a modern microservices model. To do this, he needed to build a high-performing tech team.

As an ambition accelerator, TechForce is committed to igniting and accelerating the aspirations of everyone we collaborate with. We take the time to get to know our consultants and set them up for success. For Raymond, he felt supported and confident that TechForce would be a great partner in achieving his goals. And that we did! TechForce deployed our team of consultants, consisting of 20 business analysts and solution architects combined.

Raymond's Journey as a TechForce Consultant

When Raymond joined TechForce as a consultant, he was impressed with the variety of high-quality opportunities on offer. Because of the passion we demonstrated in building his team back at Dell, he was assured that TechForce would have the same enthusiasm to do the same for him. After joining, he selected to be deployed for a project at a renowned organization working on one of the most complex projects in the region! From then on, he knew that his career trajectory was going to change for the better.

The projects Raymond has undertaken as a TechForce consultant have stood out due to their scale and complexity. Currently, Raymond is engaged in a groundbreaking project that has elevated his career and provided an energizing experience, contributing to his personal and professional development. One notable achievement was his ability to scale his team quickly while aligning them to make critical quick fixes. His scope of responsibilities has widened, now working with much larger teams. All this has required him to hone his leadership, coordination, and communication skills.

The Consultant's Path: Not for the Faint of Heart

As an experienced professional, Raymond acknowledges that being a consultant is not for everyone. He shares, “It demands hard work, passion, and a "make it happen" attitude. Unlike a conventional 9-to-5 role, successful tech consultants perform under time pressure and need to deliver at the highest level consistently”. Raymond emphasizes the importance of assembling a team that possesses these qualities, noting that only a select few out of every ten candidates he interviews meet the criteria.

TechForce understands the significance of hiring top talent and, as a result, exclusively brings on board the top 10-20% of consultants in the market. Being part of our network presents a significant professional opportunity to accelerate their careers, it comes with the expectation of exceptional performance and dedication.

Accelerate Your Career with TechForce

Raymond's journey is just one example of how TechForce is committed to accelerating careers. Our commitment to engaging with consultants on a personalized level, deploying them to their preferred work environments, and dedication to providing opportunities for growth sets us apart.

If you aspire to achieve new heights in your career, consider exploring the opportunities available with TechForce, where success is achievable together!

Raymond Fung's experience as a TechForce consultant highlights our dedication to career development and enhancement. We empower consultants to surpass their goals and aspirations! Raymond's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of TechForce in accelerating careers.

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