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How to Excel in Your Summer Internship

Mindsets to Help You Thrive

You've worked hard to secure a coveted summer internship opportunity. Now that you've landed it, how can you make the most of this 10-week experience? Here's how to excel in your summer internship. Keep in mind these 5 things that can help you thrive during your internship:

Summer interns having a conversation outside the office

Be Visible

Beyond just completing your assigned projects, try increasing your company visibility. Take initiative to find ways to add value to your team, attend company events, and join employee resource groups. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to people you haven't met - small acts of confidence can help you stand out.

Be a Sponge

Soak up as much information as possible during your internship. Ask questions, reach out to people across the organization, and seek their insights - even on topics that may not directly relate to your core project. This is your chance to expand your knowledge, so don't let it go to waste. Proactively schedule time with subject matter experts to dive deeper into areas you're especially interested in. Remember, curiosity = growth!

Seek Frequent Feedback

Take the initiative to have weekly or biweekly check-ins with your managers to get real-time input and course-correct early on. Leverage your buddies and mentors to get different perspectives and well-rounded guidance.

Contribute with Confidence

As an intern, it can be tempting to hold back in meetings, but remember that you were invited into the room for a reason. Your insights and perspectives have value, so listen, learn, and don't be afraid to share your ideas where appropriate.

Support Your Intern Peers

Your internship experience will be enriched by building genuine connections with other interns. It’s in our culture to celebrate each other's wins, so adopt a spirit of collaboration, not rivalry. The more you collaborate, the more you'll grow.

How to Excel in Your Summer Internship

In weeks to come, we'll share more about summer internships. TechForce hosts summer internships in our corporate team, where interns can learn the art of negotiation, persuasion, sales, and human motivation, among other valuable skills. Follow along as we welcome our interns this summer! More stories to come.

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