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Unleashing Talent: TechForce Talent Partner Spotlight on Raj Heera

Commitment to Empowering Talented Professionals

TechForce, a leading force in the dynamic world of IT consulting, is dedicated to empowering talented professionals and connecting them with exciting opportunities. At the forefront of this success stands Raj Heera, a TechForce Talent Partner, who plays a vital role in building and strengthening our network of consultants. With a unique background and ambitious aspirations, Raj epitomizes the opportunities and rewards that TechForce offers its Talent Partners.


Portrait of Raj Heera, TechForce Talent Partner
Raj Heera

Meet Raj Heera: A TechForce Talent Partner

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Raj's educational journey spanning Accounting, Computer Science, and Economics and Finance led him to realize that a traditional career was not his desired path. Driven by a passion for helping others and solving problems, Raj found his calling in the business of people. Prior to joining us, he experienced the challenges of a demanding role, which provided him with clarity regarding the kind of position he desired for himself. Seeking a new direction, Raj found assurance and growth within TechForce.


Building Genuine Connections as a Talent Partner

Today, Raj works closely with the Solution Manager, contributing to the region's largest projects daily. His role entails understanding client requirements, engaging in meaningful conversations with top professionals in the software and data development industry, and fostering genuine connections. Unlike the typical recruitment exercise, Raj's primary focus is on understanding individuals and assisting them in achieving their long-term visions.


"Unlike permanent placement or recruitment style outreach, I'm not here to tick boxes or make superficial matches. My primary aim when I speak to a talented professional is to understand who they are and how I can help them achieve their vision or image they have for themselves in the next 3-5 years."


Bridging the Gap Between Consultants and Clients

TechForce has provided Raj with the platform to bring his unique style of relationship building into the business. Consultants trust him to the extent of declining external job offers, knowing that he can deploy them into client organizations offering better career trajectories. By bridging the gap between consultants and clients, Raj's ability to recommend the right candidates for specific projects has earned appreciation from clients, saving them valuable time and resources.


"One of our clients informed me that they needed a junior-level TechForce consultant to join their team, but after reviewing the scope of work, I decided to recommend a more experienced consultant against their initial requirements. I knew the complexity of the project and understood the need to deploy the right person for the role. The client was highly appreciative as the consultant saved them a lot of time and money."


Work-Life Integration and Transformation at TechForce

TechForce has empowered Raj to achieve genuine work-life balance as he’s learned to optimize his work. With more efficiency in his daily routine, he shares, "Now, I rest easier knowing that I've earned my downtime. Moreover, I have more time with my family and have more energy!"

On his way to becoming a market specialist, Raj recognizes the immense potential in data science, analytics, and engineering, empowering consultants to excel in this field. “It’s going to keep growing because data is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Now, more than ever, firms globally have a remarkable opportunity to harness this power to unlock serious transformative potential and fuel innovation. Our consultants are going to help our clients stand out in this field.”


Changing Lives with Fulfilling Careers

Inspired by TechForce's career framework, Raj aspires to build and lead a team, ultimately opening and running a TechForce operation in London in the future. Raj's motivation stems from his desire to help people, as he understands the impact a fulfilling career can have on one's life.


"Having a career that you can be proud of can change your life! Having a career here at TechForce has changed mine."


"I'm looking forward to traveling to new places and expanding the TechForce brand. I'm excited to take our consultants and clients global! But most of all, helping my future team members to grow into the best versions of themselves."


TechForce Commitment to Empowerment and Success

TechForce is committed and continues to empower Talent Partners like Raj, enabling them to thrive and make a lasting impact in his career and the industry. Click here to learn more about being a Talent Partner at TechForce and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest news in tech and consulting.


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